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Our brands

We manufacture a number of brands that represent real quality.

They are manufactured by Sun Dieselsystems to the same material standards and specifications as OEM manufacturers and are set to correct specifications.

Our commitment to quality is ongoing and is the only way of securing our future.

Performance diesel injectors , nozzles, delivery valves and component parts available from our USA warehouse.

Sun Hiflo+ components are machined using the highest level of precision on today’s most technologically advanced equipment. We design all of our components from the ground up starting from blank material. This allows us to manufacture components with no limitations, resulting in a superior product with three goals in mind: performance, reliability and a great price.

Aftermarket replacement diesel injectors, nozzles and component parts available from our USA warehouse.

At Sun Dieselsystems, quality means producing diesel fuel injection components that match our customers expectations. This is achieved by engineering and manufacturing capabilities that deliver ‘world class’ product quality and reliability.

Aftermarket replacement “marine specific” diesel injectors, nozzles and component parts are available from our warehouse in the USA.

SUNMARINE is a new brand to our portfolio. It reflects our strong interest and association with the marine industry.

Let’s talk about your requirements.

Custom Design

We can develop items to your own specifications, or from a sample. Examples include nozzles, injector assembly, delivery valves, pump elements and injector components (such as common rail solenoids, nozzle nut, spacer plates, injector washers).

Minimum order quantities may apply.