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“In the factory we build quality,
on the highway we deliver performance.”

Our products

We are aware that product counterfeiting and piracy is now a significant global problem to reputable manufacturers, buyers and consumers alike.

The sale of fake products represents a serious infringement of manufacturers trademark, and product counterfeiting in the diesel fuel injection industry, is on the increase. We understand that buyers must be aware of this inherent risk when purchasing parts. All activity in the arena are illegal and Sun Dieselsystems does not participate or condone such activity.

Please be advised that all products sold by Sun Dieselsystems are either packaged with the sundiesel, the sunhiflo,  or the sunmarine branding.

The myth of genuine parts

Confusion exists in the marketplace with what genuine, OEM and aftermarket means. In some cases, vehicle manufacturers have deliberately exploited the definitions to promote sales of spare parts by their own dealer networks.
Let’s take a look in more detail.

Genuine parts [also referred to as OE parts or Original Equipment parts]

Diesel parts in most vehicles are not made by the vehicle manufacture’s themselves, but instead by an outside specialist supplier under an OEM contract. The OEM contract specifies the details of the part’s specifications for that particular manufacturer.

Sun Diesel is a specialist manufacturer of various diesel parts, who adheres to all the specifications outlined by the manufacturer.

Buying parts directly from the specialist supplier can often be more cost effective while not compromising on quality.

OEM parts [Original Equipment Manufacturer]

This is the specialist supplier that made the genuine part for the vehicle manufacturer in the first instance. They will sell these products both branded as the manufacturer and often branded as themselves. Same part, same quality, different name and different distribution.

At Sun DieselSystems, we provide the same part, at the same quality, with the same specifications much like a specialist supplier would.

Aftermarket parts [or Replacement parts]

These parts are usually made by other companies as a direct replacement to genuine and OEM part. Aftermarket manufacturers do not usually supply any parts to the vehicle manufacturers themselves.