Product Integrity

Product counterfeiting or product piracy is now a significant global problem to reputable manufacturers, buyers and consumers alike. The sale of “fake product” represents a serious infringement of manufacturers trademark and is illegal.

Product counterfeiting in the diesel fuel injection industry is now increasing and buyers must be aware of this inherent risk when purchasing parts.

Sun Dieselsystems is committed to its policy of ‘Product Integrity’. All products sold by Sun Dieselsystems are either packaged with the Sun Diesel brand, the Sun Hiflo+ brand , plain packaged with nozzle type only or packaged as an approved private label brand.

Genuine Parts – OEM Parts – Aftermarket Parts: The myth of genuine parts

Confusion exists in the marketplace over these terms and this has been deliberately exploited by Vehicle Manufacturers to promote sales of spare parts by their own dealer networks.
Let us examine them in more detail.

Genuine parts [also referred to OE parts or Original Equipment parts]

When the car is produced by the Vehicle Manufacturer it is made with genuine parts. This is the same part you would be purchasing from your local dealer which would be packaged in the name of the vehicle manufacturer.
These parts are made by an outside supplier under an OE contract with the vehicle manufacturer which details the required part’s specifications.
This is the first myth – the Vehicle Manufacturer does not make most of their own parts They want you to think they do but this is not the case!

OEM parts [Original Equipment Manufacturer]

This is the same supplier who made the genuine part for the vehicle manufacturer and who also sells the same part under their own brand name outside of the vehicle manufacturers parts network. Same part, same quality, different name and different distribution!

Aftermarket parts [or Replacement parts]

These parts are made by other companies as a direct replacement to genuine and OEM parts. Aftermarket manufacturers do not supply any parts to the vehicle manufacturers.

Another myth – whose genuine part is it actually?

Let’s look at an example of a Genuine part Chrysler manufactures a Dodge pickup powered by a diesel engine Chrysler makes a OE contract with Cummins Engine Company to supply the diesel engine. Cummins Engine Company also has a OE contract for the supply of the fuel system with Bosch. Bosch has factories world wide or maybe they used a OE parts supplier in another country on a subcontract basis.
By this stage for any particular part we will have a Chrysler/Dodge part #, a Cummins part # and a Bosch part #, all for exactly the same part and so it goes on. The genuine part you buy may in fact be available under many different part numbers, at different prices and from different distribution networks.

Maybe a special case can be made to purchase genuine parts when still inside the Vehicle Manufacturers warranty period.

the reality of purchasing any part is the same , be it Genuine, OEM or Aftermarket
– price, quality and availability.